Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti: health information

Revised 23 February 2010.

In the hope that the information might be found by someone who can use it, here are some links to health information in Haitian Creole, and some related things that might be useful.

Information posted to the MEDLIB-L and HIFA2015 discussion lists has been useful here.

The NLM have a webpage specifically for this emergency, containing numerous links to health information in Creole and French, and information on relevant topics.

National Resource Center on Advancing Emergency Preparedness for Culturally Diverse Communities - currently has links on its homepage to translated material (including Medlineplus in Creole, and in French), the CIA Factbook and organisations that are helping. They also have a separate page of resources in Haitian Creole.

Hesperian Foundation have produced Haitian Creole editions of: Where There is No Doctor ; Where Women Have No Doctor ; Sanitation and Cleanliness booklet . These are all PDFs - Where there is no doctor is particularly large.

The Stanford Health Library's Multilingual Health Information site has further Creole things. The CDC site has natural disaster information in Haitian Creole, and links to mass casualty information in English here. And information in French here.

More things added 19th January 2010:

Websites in response to crisis in Haiti, from NNLM MidContinental Region

Posting to Afro-Nets about Hesperian publications (may include things not listed above)

Refugee Health Information Network, items in Creole.

Two pages from CDC, in English, but potentially useful: earthquakes, and handling human remains.

There is a disaster health information discussion list maintained at the NLM.

And another thing added 23 February 2010:

MedlinePlus have a page of resources in Haitian Creole (Kreyol).

Friday, January 08, 2010

EndNote and 2010

Just noticed EndNote not importing publication years properly in a batch of Web of Science records I was working with. The date was not being imported at all.

This turns out to be this known issue with EndNote -

We have EndNote X1. I have just checked the batch of records in question and discover that for 2009, the publication year is indeed present.

The EndNote FAQs give details of how to globally change a batch of records. You could, of course, also edit individual ones.