Wednesday, December 17, 2014


A long time has passed since the last post, longer than ought to happen on a blog, but here goes...

Translators without Borders has funding to extend a project to produce Ebola information in local languages, to more west African languages.  Thanks to the excellent HIFA2015 list for this information.

Avian influenza in the Netherlands - De Volkskrant reported yesterday cases in Niedersachsen, Germany, which borders the Netherlands.  It is H5N8.   The Dutch government is maintaining its English language page, which seems not to have any new cases in the country, but which has added information about adjusted government measures.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Avian influenza (Vogelgriep)

Just discovered this official Dutch government site, in (of course) Dutch, which has a complete record of the affected sites in the Netherlands,  (go to Overzicht or Inhoud, then Locaties vogelgriep), as well as news and links to official publications.  As well as sites where the virus has been found, it also lists places that have been investigated but nothing found, so not every place listed has had the virus.

I can find nothing new about avian influenza in the UK.  The UK government site about the discovery of the virus in Yorkshire was updated today (3rd December) but that seems to be relating to rules about transport of eggs.