Saturday, June 27, 2020

COVID-19 resources

This page last updated and links checked 1st February 2022.    Libraries are welcome to link to this post.   

**For information relating to Leicester, please see this information from Leicester City Council.**

Some collections of information are listed at the end of this post.   I have also collected information sources about COVID-19 in these separate posts:

Other collections of information

Knowledge for Healthcare (HEE): COVID-19/Coronavirus - (Health Education England).  For Knowledge and Library Service staff in the NHS.   Use the link in the menu bar to access resources, including those for patients.

Compass: COVID-19 resources for social and behavior change - material relating to some African nations or Pakistan.  

Evidence Aid Coronavirus Resources Information Hub - systematic reviews, guidelines, journal and publisher resources, and information in languages other than English.

Finding the Evidence: Coronavirus (UK Health Security Agency).    Resources listed that require an OpenAthens login may be restricted to UKHSA staff, but University of Leicester undergraduate health students can ask their library ( and NHS staff their library for advice.

WHO EPI-WiN   Information from the WHO Information Network for Epidemics.
To search for information relevant to the NHS and patients, search NICE Evidence Search


Alex said...

How many people died in the cause of Corona Virus?

Keith Nockels said...

The WHO and Johns Hopkins University both have sites that record number of deaths. Both are on my epidemiology blogpost.

G said...

Extremely useful links, thank you Keith!

Greetings from Milan


Keith Nockels said...

Thank you - glad they were useful!