Friday, June 16, 2006

Leicester Research Archive is live

LRA is our open access institutional repository, where we will archive as much of the University's resarch output as we can. I am currently working for half of my time on this project and earlier this week actually put some real information in it! It currently has 15 items in it, with a whole lot more ready to go in when I have sorted out licencing arrangements or got permission from the publisher.

To look at LRA, go to
To find out more about the project, go to

Once there is more material in LRA, we will have a proper launch with press releases and things.


John Murtagh said...

Congratulations on going LIVE!

We're hoping to go LIVE with our very own Research Archive in July, let me know how it's going there at Leicester.

John Murtagh

Brunel University Research Archive

Keith Nockels said...

Thanks for that. Happy to keep you updated: could you email me directly from your Brunel account? My email is somewhere on my profile on this blog.


LSORA said...

Well done. There's another web portal for research and statistics in Leicester and Leicestershire with tables and mapped data down to very small areas at LSORA