Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Knowledge for practice, MRSA, personal protective equipment to prevent respiratory infection

A lazy shorthand title, so I can mention three pieces from the latest CMAJ, all in one entry!

First, knowledge. The idea of "clean, clear knowledge" is one that NHS staff may have seen, as it is a slogan that has been used to promote the National Library for Health (ask me, if this is new to you!). Sir Muir Gray, director of the project, writes this guest editorial in CMAJ, about developments in providing this knowledge to Canadian practitioners. Read the editorial - in English - en francais.

Then, MRSA. The same issue of CMAJ (that for the 18th July) has a practitioner's guide to community acquired MRSA. Presumably some of the information will apply only to Canada (notification, what to prescribe), but hopefully some of it will apply in other countries too.

Lastly, respiratory infections. That same issue has a
commentary looking at personal protective equipment (gloves, gowns, masks). It refers to an article in the same issue which compares two different systems.

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