Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New influenza articles

I have an alert running in Web of Science, and here are some things from the latest alert:

An abstract on quality assessment of laboratories in Germany - how good were they at detecting influenza virus in samples:

Zeichhardt, H; Schweiger, B; Lindig, V; Grunert, HP. First national external quality assessment scheme for avian influenza A virus (H5N1). JOURNAL OF CLINICAL VIROLOGY 36: S13-S14 Suppl. 3 AUG 2006

Using prediction mechanisms (like the markets do) to predict influenza activity, using clinical data supplied by health care workers:

Polgreen, PM; Nelson, FD; Neumann, GR. Use of prediction markets to forecast infectious disease activity. CLINICAL INFECTIOUS DISEASES 44 (2): 272-279 JAN 15 2007

A useful looking general article, interestingly published in Biochemical Society Transactions:

Schuklenk, U; Gartland, KMA. Confronting an influenza pandemic: ethical and scientific issues.

Lastly, a news piece in Science about "participatory epidemiology", which uses information from local people to know where outbreaks are happening:

Normile D. Indonesia taps village wisdom to fight bird flu - Participatory epidemiology is Indonesia's first step on a long road to controlling avian influenza. SCIENCE 315 (5808): 30-33 JAN 5 2007

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