Monday, February 26, 2007

Recent articles I have seen

Here are some things I have noticed recently, which are relevant to the interests of this blog:

15 minutes with the man who revolutionised anaesthetic practice, BMJ Career Focus 334(7590). This is an interview with Cecil Gray.

Doubts over head injury studies, BMJ 334(7590) - article about studies of mannitol in head injury, where there are doubts over whether the studies ever took place.

A report of an article by Richard Smith in which he urges the boycott of Elsevier because of their involvement in organising arms fairs, in the same BMJ. (The report is in the BMJ, the article is in the Journal of the RSM). I read recently somewhere else that the Rowntree Trust had sold their shares in the same company.

Two from Science:

Quantitative Phylogenetic Assessment of Microbial Communities in Diverse Environments
C. von Mering, P. Hugenholtz, J. Raes, S. G. Tringe, T. Doerks, L. J. Jensen, N. Ward, and P. Bork
p. 1126

Staphylococcus aureus Panton-Valentine Leukocidin Causes Necrotizing Pneumonia
Maria Labandeira-Rey, Florence Couzon, Sandrine Boisset, Eric L. Brown, Michele Bes, Yvonne Benito, Elena M. Barbu, Vanessa Vazquez, Magnus Höök, Jerome Etienne, François Vandenesch, and M. Gabriela Bowden
p. 1130

and a Perspectives piece from the same Science:

MICROBIOLOGY: Mayhem in the Lung (about S. aureus infection)
Barbara C. Kahl and Georg Peters
p. 1082

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