Friday, April 13, 2007

Science, 13th April - macaques, and obesity

Science for the 13th of April is a special issue on the macaque genome.

It also contains news about the research that is all over the radio news today about a gene for obesity. This is research by people at Peninsula Medical School (Exeter) and Oxford, which has found that people with two copies of the FTO gene are on average 3 kg heavier than people who do not. There has been earlier work on obesity genes, according to a "News of the week" column in this issue of Science, and that column discusses the significance of this latest work. The research itself is in "Science Express" and so you will need a subscription to Science Express to read it in full. This University does not have such a subscription. Once the paper is published in print copies of Science, it will be available to us online.

Read the table of contents for this issue of Science

Read the "News of the week" about the obesity gene

Read the paper on the obesity gene (see note above) - paper now available to UoL members at (note added 24th May)

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