Friday, April 20, 2007

Vitamin D - edited post

Saturday's Independent newspaper had vitamin D on its front page: studies indicating that there are great health benefits, and that it may be more useful in preventing colds and flu than using vitamin C.

I couldn't locate the study in Epidemiology and Infection that they are referring to, but it turns out to be an item of correspondence. I am very grateful to Mandy Guest, Knowledge Service Manager at the Islington Primary Care Trust in London, for the DOI of the item, which is

The December 2005 systematic review in American Journal of Public Health is, I think, this:

Garland CF, Garland FC, Gorham ED, Lipkin M, Newmark H, Mohr SB, Holick MF.
The role of vitamin D in cancer prevention.Am J Public Health. 2006 Feb;96(2):252-61. Epub 2005 Dec 27.

This appeared as an advance online publication in December 2005.


Jim Wint said...

Depending on one's skin type, just one or two sessions in a tanning bed will process all the healthy vitamin D3 a person can use.

Suggested reading: "Solar Power For Optimal Health" by Dr. Marc Sorenson and "The UV Advantage" by Dr. Michael Holick.

Vitamin D2 from food/supplements is much less effective than vitamin D3 processed from UV light exposure on skin. See:

A study published in the medical journal "Cell" by Dr. David Fisher from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard Medical School concluded that tanning protects against skin cancer. See:

Dermatologists have been misleading the public about tanning. Moderate tanning is healthy behavior.

Keith Nockels said...

Thanks for that. The Cell paper is, I think, Cell 128(5), 853-864, available to subscribers via this DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2006.12.045. That issue of Cell contains other items about p53, the protein in question.

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