Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I was experimenting with Scientific Commons, a search engine for open access material being developed at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. It includes the content of Leicester Research Archive, our institutional repository, and has rather a nice interface that displays references to material on the right hand side of the screen, and details of where the reference is from, on the left, when you point.

I searched, rather pompously, for myself, using just surname. I did find me but also:

Cheryl Elizabeth Ferris Nockels, who was the first female graduate in animal nutrition at Colorado State University, in 1957. A search of the CSU site for Nockels finds other Nockels, as well;

Christiane Nockels, a student on the history of medicine and science program at Yale, and originally from Luxembourg (previous Googlings for Nockels have found some in Luxembourg, some of whom, I think from memory, went to Iowa)

and (stretching things a little):

Jens Uwe Nockel (or Noeckel), at the University of Oregon.

Greetings to you all! And now back to work.

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CNF said...

Hello Keith,
I came across your blog browsing - as you did - for other cognomers/cognominates (?)... To my knowledge, the name Nockels is Luxembourgish, and there are quite a few Nockels still in the Grand Duchy. Nockels's in the U.S. are likely descendants of turn of the 19th century emigrants, most of whom went to Illinois (including a great-uncle of mine). I myself am a (relatively) recent expatriate to these shores...