Friday, January 04, 2008

Where have I been - what's in the journals today

I notice it is August since I posted something on this blog, which makes rather a joke of it being a current awareness tool!

Perhaps I will do better this year.

Anyway, in the weekly journals this week, I spotted these things:

The Lancet, 371(9606), 5-11 January, contains an editorial on the death penalty, which the Lancet opposes. The UN has voted to abolish it, in a largely symbolic vote, but the editorial gives a useful summary of the present state of the death penalty in the USA, where New Jersey has abolished it, and several states have a moratorium.

Science, 319(5859), 4 January, has pieces on the science policies of all the candidates in the primaries in the United States.

BMJ, 336(7634), 5 January, reports Medecins sans Frontieres top 10 list of forgotten crises.

University of Leicester members can use Leicester e-link to access these titles.

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