Friday, April 25, 2008

Meningitis, and del.ic.ious

A recent Education Guardian piece on meningitis (,,2273536,00.html) highlighted the need to know what it looks like, and the importance of not being afraid to act.

I have done a very librarian-y list of resources, which I suspect is not going to be easy to use, as it isn't apparent what exactly each site is good for (although I have tried to say). A colleague has recently set up a account for us to experiment with, and I thought this was a good excuse to do just that. I have added all the sites, tagged them with "meningitis" and various other things. Splendidly, the meningitis sites all appear together at, and the "related tags" list means you can then click to find the sites that are tagged "patientinformation", "healthprofessionals", "signs", and so on. Neat.

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