Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Researcher ID

I had an "invitation" to sign up for this Thomson Reuters service, allied to Web of Science. Basically it assigns you a unique ID, and gives you the chance to make a page about yourself and your publications. You need to sign into Web of Science first, then create an account in ResearcherID. This seemed fairly straightforward. I have had a WoS account for so long that my password doesn't obey their rather strict rules, but had to create a password obeying those rules for ResearcherID.

You can then import your publications list from EndNote (I did this) and also search WoS for things what you wrote. Not too complicated in my case, as there are not too many K Nockels, and I can easily spot the two things in WoS that are mine.

Researcher ID will calculate your personal metrics - no, not shoe size, but citation data. Zero, in my case.

ResearcherID is at http://www.researcherid.com/, where you can search for people, and see their publications.

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