Thursday, May 08, 2008

The role of healthcare workers in MRSA transmission

Is discussed in a paper in the Lancet Infectious Diseases - are healthcare workers the source of the infection, or a vector, or something else?

Conclusions (looking quickly) seem to be that they are important as a vector, but possibly not as a source.

I think I am a little worried by the search strategy, which doesn't seem to include alternative terms for "MRSA", just "MRSA" (does this matter, I wonder?), and doesn't seem to include specific healthcare workers, only the phrase "healthcare worker(s)". The authors did however use the Outbreak Database,, which was new to me. Not sure if this is a current database - it seems to have started with information from a Medline search done up until 2002. The search page doesn't seem to be working at the moment.

Paper is:

Albrich WC, Harbarth S. Health-care workers: source, vector, or victim of MRSA? Lancet Infectious Diseases 2008; 8(5): 289-301.

Link accessible to Science Direct subscribers (University of Leicester members, this is you!):

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