Friday, September 12, 2008

Coffee creamer used as infant food

Obviously, anything to do with infant feeding is close to my heart at the moment, although I am very much a minor player. So, my eye was caught by a study in the BMJ, looking at a popular brand of coffee creamer available in Laos, and whether it is used as an infant food or not. The creamer logo portrays a baby bear in an apparently breastfeeding position.

Most of the paediatricians surveyed said that they were aware of parents who had used the creamer as infant milk, and most of the adults surveyed said they thought it contained milk (which I assume it does not, although I could be wrong). The creamer does have a warning on the can about not using it to feed babies , which 80% of people surveyed had not read.

Read the article here.

Which prompts me to check - is there still a boycott of a well known food manufacturer because of its policies on promoting (real) baby milk? Yes, there is.

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