Saturday, January 17, 2015

H1N1 influenza in Aosta, Italy

I am off to Italy for a short break later this year, lucky me, so am trying to resuscitate my holiday Italian.   And so I have downloaded the Android app for La Stampa (I tried two others but the full text wasn't free to read - cheapskate!).  And I spotted this piece about cases of H1N1 influenza in Aosta, northern Italy.

Other Italian sources (like ANSA) are reporting the same, and today (18th January) I have found this in FluTrackers, linking to a local site.

It seems that one man has died, although he may have been in hospital with other conditions (the sentence in ANSA with "pluripatologie", but not sure), and a woman is ill.

FluTrackers also lists other cases in Italy here, some of them also this year.

I hope that's right - or I have just caused panic!   If you know it isn't right, or spot something in English, please add a comment! 

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