Sunday, February 22, 2015

Influenza in France, India, and England and Wales

Le Monde is reporting 600000 new cases of flu in a week, the article referring to a bulletin from the INVS, the Institut Veille Sanitaire.

Another article in Le Monde describes this year's outbreak of flu as the most important in the last five years, and has graphs of the number of people hospitalised, the incidence per 100000 people, and one depicting the cases in the last five years.  The INVS is suggesting this year's outbreak, mostly due to H3N2, is nearing its peak.

Thinking of flu, the HPA's weekly bulletin for England and Wales is here (for 19th February), and the New York Times has a topic page drawing together all its material about influenza.  This page carries its report that India is currently experiencing an epidemic, due to H1N1.

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