Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mental health on, or in, film

A conversation at home about F.D.C. Willard reminded me of Ian McEwan's novel "Enduring Love", for reasons which will become apparent in a later post.  There is brief mention of this novel in an earlier post about autobiography and biography as health literature, as it is a novel that deals with mental health issues.

Looking for material on the web about the novel, I found the Minds on Film blog from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, which has an entry about the film of the novel.  This blog has been going for five years (there is an index, by health condition, of the first five years) and features structured reviews of films that deal with mental health issues, each review summarises the story and addresses its relevance to the field of mental health.

The latest films reviewed include Still Alice (I have just ordered the novel for work, following my Dementia Friends training) and the television series The Outcast.

If you are looking for film or television that deals with mental health issues, I would recommend a look at Minds on Film.

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