Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Mindfulness is paying attention to your thoughts and feelings in the present moment.   It can be a way to develop resilience and cope with the demands of an academic or clinical course. 

Here is a not very systematic selection of useful looking links:

NHS Behind the Headlines, on mindfulness to prevent a relapse of depression.

NHS Choices: Mindfulness for mental wellbeing

Useful looking articles include this systematic review of systematic reviews, published in PLoS One by Dutch and American researchers, and a systematic review of mindfulness for reducing stress in health individuals, published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research by American and Canadian researchers, and this British Journal of General Practice introduction to using mindfulness in general practice.

The US Department of Veterans Affairs have an "evidence map".

Monash University in Australia has major interests in mindfulness, and includes it in health curricula.   Nearer home (mine, anyway, as of course I don't know where you are!) is this page at Bangor University in North Wales.

I only looked in PubMed, and have not looked at individual studies or reviews of mindfulness' uses in particular specific conditions.   I suspect looking in the psychological and psychiatric literature using PsycInfo would be beneficial.

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