Sunday, October 18, 2015

Escherichia coli

The University of Sheffield's Krebs Festival, in honour of the work of Hans Krebs, is currently under way, and as part of this, there is this giant inflatable E. coli in the Winter Gardens, made by Luke Jerram:

Pathogenic E. coli make it to the news (see this site from the CDC or this one from the NHS about O157), but it is also an important experimental organism, and here are some sites about that:

eLS (Encyclopedia of the Life Sciences)  - you will need a subscription, or your institution will*, to read the full thing, although a summary is freely available which outlines E. coli's importance in genetics and molecular biology.

EcoliWiki, about non pathogenic E. coli.

PortEco (who produce EcoliWiki), a data resource.   PortEco is described in this paper in the annual Database issue of Nucleic Acids Research (if you use the data resource, it is accepted practice to cite the paper, and not the website where the resource lives).

EcoCyc, a database for E. coli K-12 MG1655, performing "literature-based curation of the entire genome" and covering transcriptional regulation, transporters, and metabolic pathways. 

NCBI - across all databases

Encyclopedia of Life

* the University of Leicester does.  Email us if you have problems accessing it!

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