Tuesday, November 03, 2015

George Boole

What do you do with Boolean operators?  Play Booles with them.

That's the awful joke out of the way, that I used some time back in a quiz to check that students remembered what we had covered in a previous session.

Google's Doodle yesterday marked the 200th anniversary of the birth of George Boole, born in Lincoln on 2nd November 1815, and appointed Professor of Mathematics at Queen's College Cork in 1849.  University College Cork's Library is named after him.

The Doodle links to resources about him (by searching for George Boole).  Here are a few:

George Boole 200 - a website from University College Cork, including a life of Boole, the opportunity to sign up for school resources, reproductions of exam papers set by Boole while a professor in Cork, and news and events.

Scientific American - a blog about the bicentennial. 

George Boole - page from MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive at the University of St. Andrews.

If you want a Halloween themed image of Boolean operators (BOOlean!), try this from Librarian Design Share

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