Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Commentary searching

"Commentary driving" is the technique of describing what you are doing and seeing as you are driving, and is a technique employed by instructors working to train the police, and as part of advanced driving tests.  It helps, it is said,  you use your eyes properly and improves your hazard perception.  Here, from driver trainer Chris Gilbert, is more information about the technique.  

What about commentary searching?   What about getting someone to describe what they are doing when they are searching, say, Medline, and why they are doing it?   Devising a mark scheme for this might be a bit of a challenge, but as a formative assessment?   Perhaps getting people in pairs to commentate on their search to each other?  And then to comment on each other's commentary?

Well, something to try in the new year, perhaps.

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alan said...

Observing someone as they comment on how they search would be an excellent piece of user experience style research