Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week three

Week three as a clinical librarian was just one day, the Wednesday before Christmas.  I travelled to the library at Glenfield hospital to meet my line manager, and while there found a section in a book that answered the information need of a visitor, and looked a book up on the catalogue in response to another enquiry.

I then travelled back to the Odames Library, where I caught up with email (two more literature search requests - one a new one and one a revised version of one I did last week), sent some messages to contacts suggested by the Cancer Information Centre, and printed off some thoughts for a meeting that I then had with a doctor in the Clinical Genetics Centre.  At that meeting we talked about three literature searches, and then I came back to the office and did two of those searches.

I had been before to the Clinical Genetics Centre, when I was based at the old Clinical Sciences Library, so it was nice to be back.   One of their other doctors had been at my interview setting the search scenario, but unfortunately she was not there on this particular occasion.

I also answered the phone, renewing someone's books and their library membership.

So, several places where I was close to the clinical work of the hospital, and several where I was doing things that don't form part of my work in my other job.

Yesterday I became aware that there is a site in the original Thunderbirds movie that is called Glen Field - it sounded like it was said as two words, but the sign says "Glenfield". On my next visit, I shall look out for Lady Penelope.  You rang, my Lady?

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