Sunday, January 17, 2016

Clinical trial tragedy in Rennes

Some days back, news started being reported on the BBC of the hospitalisation of six people in Rennes in Brittany.  The six were part of a Phase 1 clinical trial, and one of them was reported as suffering brain death.  That person has now sadly died.  Four others are still in a serious condition.

Le Monde reported that the drug was called BIA 10-2474, and an Internet search for that brought up the resources listed below.  I have not been able to find the trial in a registry, but am not that experienced yet with clinical trials registries, so am not sure why this is.

Here are some resources, including Le Monde, about the trial and what has happened.

Le Monde - reporting the death of one patient (17th Jan, in French)

Le Monde - earlier report on what is known about what had happened (15th Jan, in French)

Article in Science's news section about what is known (15th Jan)

Article in Science's news section with more details (16th Jan)

In the Pipeline blog, from Science Translational Medicine (15th Jan, but with more recent updates, including a link to two further articles in French, and a lot of interesting comments with possible further information).

In one of the comments in In the Pipeline is a link to a story in Porquoi Docteur, a French site which looks like it might be worth monitoring.

There is a good deal of technical information, including more about what the drug actually could be, on Chris Southan's blog.    And on the Chemical Collaboration blog, which discusses what could be predicted about what would happen.

If you read German, you can see a detailed account in Deutsche Apotheke Zeitung.

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