Monday, July 03, 2017

Onco-cardiology, or Cardio-oncology

I was at a Cardiology Education Meeting where a case was presented of a patient receiving a monoclonal antibody for melanoma, who may have then developed myocarditis.

Onco-cardiology (or cardio-oncology) is the study of the cardiac effects of cancer treatment but also used to refer to patients who are cancer survivors with a cardiac condition or people living with both conditions.

Though not a new term, I don't remember coming across it before.   

Here is some introductory reading:

Some recent freely available articles (with links to PubMed):

There is also a review from JAMA Cardiology (not free).

The American College of Cardiology and American Society for Clinical Oncology have pages about onco-cardiology.

Some Canadian guidelines on the evaluation of cardiovascular complications of cancer therapy are here.

A (freely available) 2013 European Heart Journal article about cancer drugs and the heart is here.

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