Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Main Library entrance arrangements from Monday 23rd April

Of interest only to visitors to the University of Leicester main library, related to the Library building project:

The front entrance to the existing Main Library building will no longer be in use after the building closes at midnight on Sunday 22 April. From Monday 23 April, for the duration of Phase 2 of the New Library Project, entry to the Library and to AVS Design & Print will be through the extension at the back of the existing building. When the whole project is completed, entry to the Library will revert to the front of the building.

To get to the new entrance from the former entrance to the existing building there is a signposted route. This takes you past the front of the Fielding Johnson Building (FJB) towards Cannons Health Club, with a left turn before you reach the Security Lodge towards a covered walkway between the side of the FJB and the builders' compound which leads to the temporary library entrance, which is ramped for accessibility.

(Please note that the roadway between the existing building and the Engineering Building is part of the builders' site, and there is no way through in that direction.) From campus Entrance 1 on University Road, go down the road towards Wyggeston & QE College and turn left beyond the Security Lodge, to join the route to the covered walkway mentioned above.

For detailed information about the arrangement of the collections and services during Phase 2, please see the links from the Library home page at http://www.le.ac.uk/library/index.html

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