Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Accessing full text journals via PubMed

This may be of interest to University of Leicester members. If you are at a different institution, then your access to resources may be different and you need to talk to your library.

Leicester now has a proxy server, which makes off campus access to databases and journals easier. PubMed, however, is not behind the proxy server.

What this means is:

- if you are on campus, and follow a link from PubMed to full text, that link will work if we have on campus access to the journal in question.


- if you are off campus, there is no way that the journal will be able to identify you as University of Leicester, and so very probably the link will not work...

...unless you do this...

- go to the Leicester Digital Library at http://www.le.ac.uk/library/digital/index.html and click the Login to electronic resources link.
- login with your CFS username and password
- you will then be taken to the A-Z list of databases
- go to P and choose PubMed
- follow the links as you would normally do. Now you are identifiable as University of Leicester, and so full text ought to work.

If you have any problems, tell me! Leave a comment on the blog or email me.

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