Sunday, November 30, 2014

Avian influenza in the Netherlands - new case in Zouterwoude

I get daily emails from Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant.  So De Volkskrant is the first place that I saw reports of another outbreak of avian influenza in the Netherlands.  The outbreak is in Zoeterwoude (South Holland, south of Leiden),   Exactly which strain of the virus it is is not yet known, with results expected tomorrow (Monday).

Read the article (in Dutch).

The article mentions (if my Dutch is ok!) that this is the fifth case, with five businesses affected, but names only four places  - Hekendorp, Ter Aar, Kamperveen and now Zouterwoude.  The NOS says that there were two businesses affected in Kamperveen, which makes everything add up.

There are English language reports of the Zouterwoude outbreak:  the Guardian and the Dutch government - in English here.  And the Avian Flu Diary blog also has a piece.

Added 2nd December - De Volkskrant reports that the strain found in Zouterwoede is H5N8 (introductory paragraph), something confirmed in the English language news site of the Dutch government.

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