Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Could I get Ebola?

I had already seen this Top 10 things you really need to know about Ebola from the CDC in the United States.  I was in two minds whether to blog about it, as some of the points it makes apply to the USA.  But, of course, the basic medical science applies everywhere.   And also, of course, you the reader might well be in the USA!

I mention it now because last night the BBC broadcast a television programme called "Could I get Ebola?", looking at how likely it is to spread to and  in the UK.  That programme has a similar approach to the CDC poster.  There are links from this iPlayer site to further resources from the BBC and elsewhere.  The programme presenter, Dr Chris van Tulleken, works at one of the hospitals that will receive Ebola cases and has been trained in the management of Ebola.

The basic conclusion of both is that, if you are in the UK or USA, the chances of catching Ebola are very very small and it is very very unlikely that you will catch it.  

The BBC have a regular News about Ebola slot - in addition to World Service radio programme, this also includes downloadable podcasts.

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