Monday, November 17, 2014

Avian influenza in East Yorkshire

I imagine this post will get a lot of editing!   I will put new information (added since I first posted) in bold.   Last updated at 1822 on 17th November 2014.

According to the BBC, a duck farm in East Yorkshire has had a confirmed case of bird flu.  At the time of writing, the BBC are reporting that it is not H5N1, but not what it is.  BBC World News this morning (Monday, as shown on BBC2) was reporting that there is a current outbreak in Hekendorp in the Netherlands.

The government has updated its avian influenza advice today (17th November).

This next paragraph is dependent on my Dutch being good, but Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant is reporting that H5N8 is the type involved in the Hekendorp outbreak, dangerous to people if they are in prolonged contact with infected animals.  De Volkskrant is not confirming which type has been found in Yorkshire (see .  NOS is also reporting that the Dutch outbreak is H5N8.  The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs have a news release (entirely reasonably in Dutch) with links to further official documents.

DEFRA is reporting this strain in turkeys in Germany.  So is the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, with some discussion of how it arrived there, and a current outbreak in the Republic of Korea.

ProMedMail is reporting the Dutch outbreak but not yet the Yorkshire one.

HealthMap is reporting both.   Click the arrow next to the number of outbreaks for all diseases and you can choose Avian Influenza (you can also choose a specific type).

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