Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More about avian influenza

The UK government has updated its advice (adding an interactive map so you can see if you are in a restriction zone - the information at the end of the page will tell you what has changed).

There is also an official news item about the incident (with a link at the end to the DEFRA announcement).

Most newspapers and news sources look to be covering the story today, but these look worth mentioning:

British Veterinary Association and British Veterinary Poultry Association
National Farmers' Union

NHS Choices has information about avian flu (although nothing has been added yet in the light of the incident in East Yorkshire).

Note added at 1842 - the BBC is reporting that the strain found on the farm in Nafferton, East Yorkshire is H5N8, the same one found in other outbreaks in Europe.

In addition to ProMedMail and HealthMap (see yesterday's post), for news, try CIDRAP.

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