Friday, December 18, 2015

Hello my name is...

Quite a long while since the last post, and this is partly due to a new job, and partly due to general disorganisation, something I did not mention at the interview.

I have started a second, part time, job, returning to full time working for the first time since 2008.  I have joined the Clinical Librarian team at University Hospitals of Leicester, based in the Odames Library at the Leicester Royal Infirmary.  The Library began life in 1907 as a hospital ward, paid for by Samuel Odames, hosiery manufacturer of Leicester.

I am looking forward to being involved in the NHS again, and especially at the hospital site where I started in Leicester in 2003.  Some of the site I don't remember (some of it has changed, of course), but some of it I vaguely do.  And today I met in the corridor someone I used to meet frequently at the University, as he was at that time a member of one of the departments I support.  

I have a name badge with a photo on it, and another with just my name and role, and the statement "Hello my name is", which I have also put on my email signature.   The trust have signed up to a campaign of the same name, to encourage health staff to introduce themselves when meeting patients.   Dr Kate Granger, the founder of the campaign, noticed when a patient herself that many staff did not introduce themselves.  As a non clinical member of staff, it is nice to be included in the campaign.

On my third day, I met someone at the issue desk, who had come to request a literature search and happened to be in one of my departments.  Afterwards, I realised I had not introduced myself.   I always remember when answering the phone, even at home (how formal!) to say who I am, so it is interesting that I forgot in person.  It perhaps shows how easy it is not to introduce yourself to people you meet in person and why the Hello my name is campaign is so useful.

So, Hello, my name is Keith Nockels.  How can I help?

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