Friday, December 18, 2015

My first two weeks

So, in my first two weeks as a Clinical Librarian, I have:

Sent an email to introduce myself to some of the members of my departments.   I did this on the first Friday, and had two instant replies, one asking for articles, and one saying hello.   By the next Wednesday (the next work day) I had had four more, including one request for a literature search, and two mentioning the possibility of going to a meeting in that department.  

I have also:

  • Visited the excellent Cancer Information Centre, getting two contacts to follow up;
  • Done a literature search related to sickle cell anaemia;
  • And another related to length of stay in hospital;
  • Explored the Evidence Updates that we send out, thought a bit about how we might redesign one, and sent colleagues some bits and pieces for them;
  • Let someone into the library;
  • Answered two questions at the desk (everyone else was at Christmas lunch), only one of which I had to pass on to colleagues;
  • Done induction training on infection control, basic resuscitation skills, moving and handling, equality and diversity, and safeguarding.
  • Asked IT colleagues about two matters;
  • Found some cancer information sites to put on a webpage.
I have met one person for literature searching advice, and have another such appointment next week, and have a meeting with a research and development lead in the New Year.

Next week, week three.

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