Friday, June 16, 2017

ECG interpretation

In my last post I mentioned ECGs.

And as well as the book mentioned in the last post, there are the various books by John Hampton:

  • ECG made easy
  • 150 ECG cases
  • ECG in practice

Look for them in your library!

But there are limitations to books when it comes to teaching and learning interpretation of ECGs. 

That is pointed out on the ECG Wave-Maven site, used as the source of ECGs at the Cardiology education meeting I have just returned from:

Nathanson LA, McClennen S, Safran C, Goldberger AL. ECG Wave-Maven: Self-Assessment Program for Students and Clinicians. 

You can browse a case list, with or without diagnoses, or see a random case, and you can search for particular diagnoses.   If you like it on Facebook, you get notifications of new cases.

Here are some other sites about ECG interpretation.  Some I mentioned last time, some not.

ECG Learning Center, University of Utah 

Life in the Fast Lane, ECG Library 

Analysis and interpretation of the electrocardiogram, Queen's University School of Medicine (Kingston, Ontario)

ECG (EKG) interpretation, Oxford Medical Education (read this to find out more about them - not part of Oxford University or OUP).

ECGpedia - tutorials, a textbook, reference cards, case of the month...   maintained by Jonas de Jong, a cardiologist in Amsterdam, who is also involved with the Textbook of Cardiology wiki.  (ECGpedia in Nederlands).

(Links were checked on 6th February 2018)

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