Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Heart Rhythm Week - things about arrhythmia

This week is Heart RhythmWeek, with a focus on identifying undiagnosed people who have an irregular heartbeat.

To see if you have an irregular heartbeat, you of course have to take your pulse, and the Arrhythmia Alliance have instructions and instructions for children, along with other educationa lresources.

Here are some other resources about arrhythmia:

For electrophysiology in general you could start with Dr John M, a Kentucky based cardiac Electrophysiologist.

And for ECGs of arrhythmias and other conditions, you could start with Life in the Fast Lane or

In the library I found "Making sense of the ECG", 4th ed., by Houghton and Gray.  in the list of resources are:

ECGpedia - tutorials, a textbook, reference cards, case of the month...   maintained by Jonas de Jong, a cardiologist in Amsterdam, who is also involved with the Textbook of Cardiology wiki.

ECG Learning Center, from the University of Utah School of Medicine, with an introduction to the ECG, images and tests. 

Speak to your librarian, if you have one, as the library will have books about this condition and about interpreting ECGs, a favourite topic at cardiology education meetings.   

(All links were checked on 6th February 2018)

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